How To Add Hands Free Recipe
To Your Permission List

Question: Are you receiving ALL our eMails straight to your INBOX? Want to be sure you are so you NEVER risk missing important messages or special FREE gifts and surprises from us?

Answer: Add me to your Permission List. (Some also refer to this as a Whitelist, Address Book, etc. Further details below.)

What Is A Permission List?

As you know, unwanted and unsolicited advertising eMail (aka "SPAM") has become a major problem. It's so bad that most Email Services and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have put some sort of blocking or filtering system in place or begun relying on "self-proclaimed" blacklists to help differentiate between the "good" and the "bad" guys.

The Problem?

The GOOD guys are also getting penalized and not all eMail you've requested to receive is making it through to your INBOX. Why? Because these blocking and filtering systems often accidentally block eMail you wanted to get and gets deleted before ever reaching your eMail account. Or these eMails are automatically sent to your Junk Mail or Spam Folder (or equivalent) where you may never see them and/or where they often are deleted automatically.

The Solution? White List Us...

White List us now before your delivery is interrupted. This is the best way to ensure you will always receive our eMail. (See below on how.)

Of course, every eMail system is different. Below are instructions for some of the more popular ones. If yours isn't here, please contact your ISP's customer service for their instructions.

Step 1: Add the necessary information below that your Email Service Provider requires in order to put us in your Address Book or on your Permission List. (e.g., Your White List):

  • Name: Mark Shroyer
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Resource: eBiz Automator
  • Domain:

Step 2: Select from the list of the most popular Email Service Providers below and press "GO" to receive step-by-step instructions on adding us to your Address Book and/or Permission List.

Which Email Account Did You Use To Subcribe With To Our Email List?

*** IMPORTANT NOTE *** By adding us to your Permission List or Address Book you help your eMail Service Provider realize that you want them to deliver our eMail straight to your INBOX rather than your Bulk/Junk Mail or Spam Folder and they'll be less likely to automatically delete our emails without your knowledge or consent -- Thank you for White Listing us!

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